Set Apart

by | Sep 17, 2022

Greetings Friends! Blog Post number 2 here. As a Christian parent my husband and I try to make sure that what our kids listen to, watch, or read is appropriate according to our beliefs. So yes, we have to do a lot of censoring. Because in this day in age we can no longer allow our children to watch a rated all or g movie and assume that it is appropriate anymore. Although, as an 80’s kid who is using her spirit of discernment a lot more I am realizing my old favorite movies weren’t so appropriate then either. My oldest, which has just turned 13 understands that we are censoring what she engages in for her good but feels odd and left out. Or at least she knows we do it not because we are trying to punish her. She doesn’t understand why she is unable to listen to certain music or watch movies that other kids get to watch. To her, it’s frustrating because she feels like she is missing out. She feels weird. Because my husband and I have been cautious of what we let her, and her sisters engage in since she was born, she is used to it. When her friends bring something up to her to watch she quickly lets them know, I won’t be able to watch it because my parents won’t let me. So, we are really glad that she understands our expectations. Although she understands our expectations she still sometimes, ok very often finds herself battling with I really want to watch this movie, but I know I can’t and that really is upsetting.

Interestingly enough I have often found myself feeling the same way. Now that I am listening to my spirit more than my flesh, my husband and I have cut a lot of things out. We don’t listen to secular music anymore. Every so often I get into an 80’s mood and I throw on some Whitney or Michael. But majority of my playlists are Gospel, or Christian Rap. Very thankful to have found Christian Rap. It’s hard to run 10 miles to a hymn at least it is for me. I like to be able to get pumped without losing who I am. During the shutdown, it was easy to be in my cocoon with my husband and kids and not think about how the world would think of me no longer listening to secular music or watching the things we used to watch. Foul language and lewd behavior are distracting and pointless to me now. Now that things have opened up and I am around those that I have been around before I went into a spiritual cocoon and have now emerged a more discerning and Spirit-led woman, I do feel odd and out of place. Very similar to my daughter. I too occasionally find myself at odds with why I can’t just watch a movie without having to turn it off. Not that I am forced to turn it off but because it does not align with my spirit and it’s frustrating that the options of movies that don’t go against my beliefs are so few and far between.

This little revelation hit me when I was speaking to someone about the types of movies they watch and all I could think was no I will probably not watch that because it would leave me feeling depleted instead of entertained and joyful. With the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I realized that my daughter not only compares her ability to do things with her friends who are not Christian she most definitely compares what she is able to do with kids that are Christian. That made me think and really take notice. There are Christian kids that can do a lot more than her. There are Christian adults that watch and engage in more than my husband and I do. As a Christian, we are All peculiar people. But I found it funny that I sometimes feel even more peculiar around the other people that are supposed to be peculiar with me. I have realized that we are all on this walk with Christ and are at different levels. For my husband and I our spirits just cannot entertain certain things. Now do not think we are this holier-than-thou couple that only watches a sermon. We are just two imperfect people walking this life with Christ together trying to do the will of God. We fall short but we keep our eyes on where our help comes from. I have realized that I can only do what God has for me to do because where he is taking me, I have to be prepared and ready to go. So, our walk is not the same as everyone else’s walk. So as we teach our daughters how we discern they will learn how they can also discern. As God teaches me, I teach them.

I would love to know your thoughts. What is your favorite Christian movie? I am always looking for something to watch with Hubby for our date night. Until next time know that you are loved, you are chosen, and you have a purpose. Cheers to love, life, and the pursuit of whom God has called us to be.


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